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How To Really Know Someone – Volume 2

How To Really Know Someone – Volume 2

Hello, everyone! I’ve had tiring days recently. A lot of work-related stuff is happening because holidays are coming and things need to be finished quickly. Actually, I am looking forward to holidays too. I want to eat, sleep, rest, and watch anime or play Dota 2. Do you ever feel like you wanna get lost in a city of dreams and just have a relaxing vacation indefinitely? Like you’ll forget everything about work and just have a fun-filled everyday life. Well, in my dreams! LOL :). So I am just daydreaming again. Back to reality. Just so you know, I joined the How To Really Know Someone bandwagon and started answering by batch. You can check my answers to the first batch here. So, I am answering another five. 🙂

How To Really Know Someone | Volume 02


6. Should parents be their child’s friends?

For me, it is a yes. Because you are family and you’ll have nothing except your family in the end when no one is there for you. Though, not all families have the same everyday setup or relationship where they are super close like BFF. As for my case, we are just casual. My family rarely go for a family day bonding. We don’t celebrate special occasions like birthdays, we just greet each other, but that’s all. Sometimes there’s food but that’s it. No grand celebration. I am not sure if you understand what I am saying, but I hope you do.

7. What do you think of doctor-assisted suicide?

I am not pro-suicide nor pro-life. Is it insane for me to ask, “Why did we live? Why are we born? Did we request to be born and alive?”. But most people will say you are insane if you say, “This is my life, I’ll do whatever I want with it.”. And so there comes the religious debate about suicide. I won’t be debating but here is my take. It all depends on the situation. I will take this as an example. A father is dying and the son is doing and spending everything to revive his father. They love each other so much that the father wouldn’t want to waste all the money for the revival attempt. The father is in pain physically because of his dying body, and emotionally because of his crying son. The father decided to end his life with the help of his doctor. The son refused, crying and is willing to give all he has even if he ends up having nothing. In this situation, what would you do? All I can say is everything has its ending. And it is something that we have to accept. I know money isn’t everything. But I’d rather have the remaining money used to create something reminiscent of that father that will live forever. I haven’t experienced this, I may not be in the position to judge or tell, but I’d like to end the pain of that father.

8. Have you ever blown your top? Why?

I haven’t because I am a weak person inside and easily tremble in fear especially when it comes to confrontation. Tried to shout and let it all out but before I knew it, I am already shut down. My mind wants to shout, but my mouth cannot. In extreme conditions, my legs will weaken, and I’ll be put out of balance. Sad life, right?

9. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

So I am 26 (this year 2016) and I feel old every day. But often times, especially when I go to a salon for a haircut, they’d mistaken me for a college student. Seriously?! Feeling teens, kwentong barbero! So probably I am 18 yrs old if I don’t know my age.

10. You are having lunch with three people you respect and admire. They all start criticizing a close friend of yours, not knowing he/she is your friend. The criticism is distasteful and unjustified. What do you do?

I always try to seek first to understand. Honestly, I have trust issues too. While I trust my friends, I tend to reaffirm their loyalty and trust towards me by hearing feedback from others and by situational circumstances. It may sound harsh, but reality bites. Trust is a critical thing right now and you wanna make sure that your closest circle is absolutely real. So to answer the question, I’ll just listen and analyze the situation. Ask some questions why they are hating that much. More like I’ll investigate which is real among the sides of the story.

So how’s your day so far? Anything you are looking forward to this weekend? Share your How to Really Know Someone answers too if you are interested in sharing something about you.

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Why wizardandi? Because wizard + andi = wizardandi. Since childhood, I always wanted to become a wizard because I love magic. It is fascinating and awesome. I also like eating, gaming, watching anime, gadgets, and going out with my good friends. Click here to know more about me.


Hi! This is Andi.

Hi! This is Andi.

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