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Azure Urban Resort: The Paris Beach Club

Azure Urban Resort: The Paris Beach Club

So my friends and I were eating at a fast-food chain because we work in the same company, same floor, but we never see each other nor talk with each other recently due to many things happening lately at work. Adulting is hard but you can’t just escape the reality. So, this time, we made sure that we’ll free up some time to catch up. After all this long chit-chat, we’ve realized that many things happened these past few days. And since we haven’t done any staycations in this year, we thought of doing one. So, we’ve gone to the Azure Paris Beach Club.

Azure Paris Beach Club

The Azure Paris Beach Club says that it is your escape in the city. You know, escaping from the city in a city seems to be a paradox, but it made it possible by creating a secured place with amenities that people enjoy during vacation while relaxing and still be within the city. As the name implies, it highlights the man-made beach with fine white sands. Other popular spots include the large wave pool, lap pool, beach volleyball court, indoor restaurant, and many more!

Azure Paris Beach Club
The view of the beach from our unit that is just beside the wave pool.
Azure Paris Beach Club
The view of the lap pool from our unit that is just beside the beach volleyball court.

The Unit

Our unit is located at the first tower, St Tropez (sun-tro-pay). The interior just looks plain and simple in white and has 1 bed and sofa. The room can fit up to four and you can request an extra mattress and pillows, of course, the 4 of us can’t fit in 1 bed. LOL. 🙂

Azure Paris Beach Club
Azure Paris Beach Club

The Amenities

Here at the Azure Paris Beach Club, you can expect great amenities that can be found in other top hotels, resort & residences. Strolling within the vicinity, you’ll find corners that are instagrammable and nice for taking some photos. So, let’s go ahead and check out some of the highlights.

Azure Paris Beach Club
Azure Paris Beach Club

The 25-meter lap pool features floating sunbathing beds and is also an infinity pool that overflows into the wave pool. One thing you should consider here is to prioritize the residents. Since few of the guests are interested here, you won’t see a lot of people using this lap pool.

Azure Paris Beach Club

A special section of sand and netting is dedicated to the great summer pastime of beach volleyball. There were no people using this when we went. Not sure why, but probably there’s just no one wants to play or probably on maintenance.

Azure Paris Beach Club

I guess, the most populated one here is the wave pool. It is large and can fit many people. Usage of the pool and the beach has Php 20 registration fee. You should also wear proper attire. So, make sure that you are prepared because they are strict with these policies.

Azure Paris Beach Club

The true centerpiece of the Azure Urban Resort Residences is the Azure Beach – an iconic man-made beach facility with fine white sand, and undulating waves. It isn’t that large but just enough to feel the beach ambiance within the city.

Azure Paris Beach Club
Azure Paris Beach Club
Azure Paris Beach Club

How It Looks at Night

Azure Paris Beach Club
Azure Paris Beach Club

Final Words

Most people will really enjoy and relax here. But I didn’t really enjoy that much. Probably because of the crowd. So, I am wondering how would it feel for the residents who want some peace and relaxation seeing a crowd of guests. Also, there are disasters.

First, the security at the entrance gate. A lot is happening and the security seems to be unorganized in handling entrants. We’ve been circling around because they won’t let us park nearby while waiting for our coordinator who’ll provide the hard-copy of the guest form that signifies authorization for our stay. Next, the door lock of our unit’s CR is stuck, and they don’t have the key. They don’t have a heater too. Though the shower isn’t really that icy cold, there are people like me who can’t take and enjoy a bath when it’s not warm. Lastly, we were charged for a 2-days parking fee when we only stayed overnight. It was resolved shortly, but still, how did it happen?

If you want to experience the Azure Paris Beach Club, you can contact this for booking details. Have fun! 🙂

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Why wizardandi? Because wizard + andi = wizardandi. Since childhood, I always wanted to become a wizard because I love magic. It is fascinating and awesome. I also like eating, gaming, watching anime, gadgets, and going out with my good friends.


  1. Jhanz

    This definitely looks interesting, but I’m not sure if it’s for me as I don’t really like crowded areas. Nice photos, though!

  2. Gypsycouple

    Wow this looks fabulous though the crowds as you described might play down its charm. We see in the comments that this is owned by Paris Hilton, However not sure it makes a difference to us as long as the place is great!

  3. neha

    Looks like a comfy place to stay with friends or family. The swimming pool looks sparkling and beautiful too. Would love to try out

  4. Vyjay

    This looks like a great place to chill out. The pools look so inviting too. The nearness to the beach makes it even more alluring. A great place to get away for some relaxing time.

  5. Emily

    It does look like a great get-away in the middle of a city. I like the look of the wave pool and the way it’s been lit up at night. But it’s a shame that it was crowded and you guys had problems getting in :-/

    • Andi

      I also like the lights during the night. But haven’t made some strolling. So, I only have few pictures.

  6. Johna

    Sad to hear about the inconvients you guys encountered while you were there! I still want to visit this place though. I’ve been wanting to go ever since it opened and Paris was here. Haha! I love all your shots as well! Hopefully I’ll get to come next year and hopefully everything goes smoothly too 😛

    • Andi

      Yeah, well there is really nothing perfect. And this is really not a grave disaster. I am sure it was also a coincidence. Hopefully when you visit, you’ll have the best experience 🙂 thanks for appreciating my shots 🙂

  7. Elisa

    I think it was a great idea to do this “escape” with friends. In the end the important thing was being together and share some activities. Good pick!

    • Andi

      Yes, that is true, I’ve had fun because I was with my friends. So, even with minor disaster like this, everything went well when you are with your best of friends. 🙂

  8. Indrani

    Yes sometimes too much crowd spoils the fun of a place.
    But then if the place is too good crowd automatically pours in. The pools are indeed beautiful, I loved the setup very much.

    • Andi

      Yeah, can’t blame the crowd. The place is just too nice! Even myself was hooked in. But I forgot, I hate too much crowd! LOL, but nevertheless, the place is really nice!

  9. Rashmi and Chalukya

    Azure Paris beach sounds like an awesome getaway with all those amazing amenities. Beach and the wave pool sounds fab to us. Even kids gonna have their share of fun. Thanks for sharing your bad experiences too we would take that into consideration whenever we plan a visit.

    • Andi

      Yes, but I believe it won’t be that bad at all. over time, everything will improve 🙂

  10. jerny

    Yay! hurray for your experience! It’s one of the few things that gets us relaxed in the city. A place full of pools! hhah love this post man!

    • Andi

      Yeah! This is a nice place for fun and relaxation within a city minus the crowds LOL 🙂

  11. Kelly jessica

    It looks so nice there! Most of my friends who go back to PH stay there. Kaso nga, ang crowded. How I wish when I visit it tones down a bit. Hihihi! :>

    • Andi

      Yeah, popular din kasi, and because of that, it became really crowded especially on weekends and vacation period. 🙂

  12. Cai Domi

    I have second thoughts of staying here. This has been talk of the town lately and as you’ve mentioned, the place is crowded. We do a staycation because we want to relax. I hope they will limit the number of people who can visit per day. Nonetheless, the man made beach looks really good!

    • Andi

      That’s right. I think I can’t blame if many really like to stay which causes the crowd. I don’t have issues with the facilities as they are good. Just the crowd.

  13. Marge

    Is this the same beach club that Paris Hilton owns? I think this is it. I remember her billboard when it was still being built.

    It looks beautiful and the swimming pool looks inviting. At first glance, I thought I was looking at a scale model then I realized that it’s the real thing. From what I know this is a mid-rise condo so I assume staying there would be through air bnb?

    • Andi

      Yes, this is own by Paris Hilton. I like the swimming pool better because of controlled temperature. You can get via airbnb but we got ours from those agencies on Facebook. 🙂

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Why wizardandi? Because wizard + andi = wizardandi. Since childhood, I always wanted to become a wizard because I love magic. It is fascinating and awesome. I also like eating, gaming, watching anime, gadgets, and going out with my good friends. Click here to know more about me.


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