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Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog. I quit my job recently and I am currently enjoying the sense of freedom. It’s been a while since I last experienced this feeling that you don’t have to worry about office deliverables. All I do is eat, sleep, DOTA, repeat. Do I look like a lazy loser right now? I haven’t been out lately because I am saving my remaining money. But, honestly, it is hard to stay at home literally every single day. So, I invited my friends to have some ramen and we ended up...

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Calaguas Island

I can’t believe that summer is almost over. Well, in the Philippines, it is always hot and it feels like every day is perfect for a beach getaway as long as there’s no impending typhoon. But, personally, I prefer a weather that’s not too hot and sunny because the sun really hurts my skin no matter what sunblock and protective gear I wear. But, of course, the good thing about a bright sunny day is that you’ll get livelier photos and clear blue skies! We were lucky enough that we had a very nice weather when we visited this...

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Crystal Beach, Zambales

Summer is here! Are you ready with your beach body? Well, not for a skinny guy like me. One of the most exciting things to do in summer is definitely going to a beach. Why not? Dipping your body in the water is the best feeling in a hot summer day! Aside from the fact that we love going to the beach, we also just want to unwind and relax. Well, my everyday life is actually stressful. And everyday, my feet are itching to go out and be anywhere away from work. Oh well, enough of my rants. Let’s go...

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LazerXtreme Manila

Summer is officially starting as the temperature goes up. My workmate and I went to Crystal Beach, Zambales to make our summer escapade official. So, after all the fun and excitement, we went home with an exhausted body. Because, well, I’ll tell you on my blog post about it. So, stay tuned! Finally, I reunited with my room and my bed and got a stable internet connection. Then messages come popping up one by one and an email invitation caught my attention. I rarely receive an event invitation. So, when I opened it, I was surprised that it is...

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Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy

This is actually a very late post because I accidentally deleted the photos on my camera. It took me a while to recover these photos. Since I already have them back, it’s time to share this popular food stop in Pampanga. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve read about my Hot Air Balloon Fiesta experience that’s really not fun at all. And because it’s really not an absolute fun experience, I needed something to divert my attention to something that will make me happy in order to reduce some stress. So, good thing, we haven’t eaten yet. And...

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Sagada Mountain Province

Is there a place that you’d really want to visit and still weren’t able to up until now? Well, I do. One of those places I’d like to visit is Sagada. Not because I am in love with the place nor it’s my dream destination. But, I am so curious about the place. I know a lot of people wanted to visit Sagada. But, I just don’t get what’s in here to be interested about. The hype became stronger when Sagada became one of the places where a movie shot some of its beautiful scenes. So, the curiosity went on...

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The Nook Cafe

The Maginhawa Street in Quezon City is a haven for food lovers. It is really popular because you’ll see a lot of food establishments from left to right along this busy street. The good thing is there’s really a lot to choose from. I think a day is not enough for you to try all of them. You’ll go crazy choosing where to start and what to try first. Fret not! Because I am sharing a wonderful place to pig out while having fun. Do you love Harry Potter series? Then, you’ll love this place – The Nook Cafe....

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Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The Philippines is celebrating its 21st International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. It is the longest-running sports aviation event in Asia, gathering aviators and spectators from around the world for four days of non-stop flying action. And this 2017 could be the last one to be held in Clark, Pampanga. Well, I hope that the fiesta won’t stop and still continue in its new venue. It may or may not continue as they say, so we really made up our minds and went for this event. Hot Air Balloon Fiesta The event takes place in Clark, Pampanga Freeport Zone. So, it...

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Taal Volcano Crater

It is very chilly in February and we wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to go on a light trek on a cold day. For me, this is actually the perfect time to visit places that don’t usually have a cool weather. You know, trekking is tiring and will make you sweat all over if you do it in summer. But of course, it all depends on your trip and availability. But, it is nice to visit Sagada or Banaue in this chilly atmosphere to enjoy the cold air even under the bright sun. We’ll get into that, but...

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